Berlin for small and large tour groups

  • Private Berlin tour for tour groups city sightseeing tours

    Berlin City Tours for tour groups

    Berlin Tour: Come with us on an individual private Berlin city tour with your tour group on your desired date from the starting point of your choice; for example starting directly from your Berlin hotel. Exits, photo stops and small walks are included. Travelling with a tour group to Berlin is a unique experience, certainly suggested visiting.


  • Berlin for small tour groups

    Sightseeing tours through Berlin in a small panorama coach, minivan or sedan.
    The Berlin City tour for small tour groups is leading to the Berlin sights in East and West Berlin and includes at least 3-4 + photo stops and small walks at attractions. 

    English Berlin tours for small groups with starting point of choice; for example directly from your Berlin hotel or just after arrival from the airport or train station saveing time and money. 

    Alternative to the driven sightseeing tour for small tour groups: Berlin Walking Tours


  • Berlin for school groups

    Our Berlin city tours for school classes on a school educational trip in Berlin are exciting and informative

    Exceptional experiences on a Berlin tour. For a nice overview undertake a 2 hour Berlin City Tour or a Berlin walking tour trough the German Capital. 


  • Berlin for Coach Companies - Step-on Berlin Tour Guides

    Undertake a guided Berlin city tour in your own coach. Certified Berlin city tour guides accompany groups with expert moderation. Book your English speaking step-on Berlin tour guide here. 

    We offer visitors lively and informative Berlin City Tours. Come with us on a guided classic 3-hour tour or a large 4-hour half day Berlin city tour in your own coach. Tours include exits, photo stops and small walks. 


  • Hip Tips for Berlin Sightseeing

    Hip tips for Berlin hotspots sightseeing

    Light upon Berlin´s Hot Spots, detect Berlin Sights and Attractions, discover your favorite places in Berlin. 

    Berlin City Tours Hip tips for Berlin Sightseeing Hotspots - Small Tour Groups - Be a Berliner! ✔️ Detect Berlin sights and attractions, discover your favorite places in Berlin City Tour for small tour groups Berlin Tour. 

    Berlin City Tours - Berlin Walking Tour - City Tours for Tour Groups Berlin for small tour groups

    Berlin City Tour Sightseeing Tours
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